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Meeting the amazing Chris Hadfield


I have, I guess, interviewed more famous people than Chris Hadfield, the former commander of the International Space Station, but I have rarely been so star struck. What is it about astronauts? They’re just a tiny bit better than the rest of us, right? (Although, as you’ll see from the interview, they’re kind of a pain to be married to). Hadfield is unusual not just for the wonder of his space experience, but for his ability to describe it in terms so vivid you get vertigo just from listening to him. It’s one of me favourite stories of the year so far. Read the interview here>>


BookCourt, Cobble Hill, Weds 26th June @ 7pm


I will be doing an event here, tomorrow night. Jokes, jazz-hands, a tiny bit of reading and signing afterwards. If you’re in the vicinity, come!

Latest review of my book: the Sunday Telegraph


She Left Me the Gun is quite simply an extraordinary book. In the hands of any halfway decent author, this would be an incredible story: a mother with a mysterious South African past who arrived in England in her early twenties with a beautiful antique handgun and a mission to forget who she used to be. In the hands of a writer as gifted as Emma Brockes, it’s basically the perfect memoir: a riveting, authentic tale elegantly told.

Read the whole review>>