Gloria Steinem rocks…

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…not least for suggesting that Sheryl Sandberg’s chief shortcoming as a feminist is “being number two to some asshole.” (And standing on the right side of the Amnesty/prostitution debate). Read the whole piece here>>


The death of nostalgia

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Rolling social media updates are doing something to the way we treat memory. It’s making me nervous….

I’m calling time on “said no one, ever”…

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It’s time to find a new hilarious phrase to use…

Some examples of book titles that I just can’t stand

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It’s not really about Gwyneth, this, although I do think that Timothy Caulfield knocked it out of the park with the title of his book…[read the whole piece]>>

The great Marina Abramovic


I can’t pretend to be impartial. She’s terrific, and her show at the Serpentine this summer, if it’s anything like it’s predecessor at MoMA, should be a hit. In this interview, she talks about those crazy shows she did in the ’70s when she cut / burned / knocked herself out, and how these kinds of gigs don’t exactly make it easy for her to get (and keep) a date. Read the whole thing here>>

Interview with Diane Keaton


In which she defends Woody Allen. Read the whole thing here>>

Interview with Michael Lewis


The writer and scourge of Wall Street talked over lunch in LA about his new book, Flash Boys, and how we’d all be much better off if mainly dumb people went into banking. Read the whole thing here >>

UK paperback…


…is out now. Here’s the back cover:


But my favourite part is the SPINE:


They just don’t make hair cuts like that anymore. Buy it here.