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In the U.K, I’m represented by Sarah Ballard at United Agents and in the U.S by Zoe Pagnamenta

Publicity inquiries for She Left Me The Gun

In the U.K, contact Anna Pallai at Faber&Faber:

In the U.S, contact Yamil Anglada at The Penguin Press:

In South Africa, contact Jean Pieters at Book Promotions:

In Australia, contact Andy Palmer at Allen and Unwin:


3 responses to “Contact”

  1. betty ender says :

    Dear Emma, I’ve just read “She Left Me The Gun”…simply loved your account. Absolutely a beautiful rendition of a woman so strong and loving…and your pursuit of her is an amazing story. Thank you for this beautiful book. Cheers and love, Betty

  2. Rosalie Grady says :

    Dear Emma,
    I have just finished reading your column in the Feb.16 th New York Times newspaper regarding “The Never Ending Candy Crush “. I honestly felt as if you have perched on my shoulder as I grappled with “Why am I doing this?”
    You certainly know how to get into one’s mind set.
    Thank you for such an interesting article.
    Rosalie Grady

  3. Diana says :

    I just finished reading “She Left Me the Gun” – it was riveting. I read it in two days! You are an extremely talented writer. Your mother appears to have been an amazing woman and mom. What a life story. Thank you for sharing her story and your story with the world.

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